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Looking to replace your current furnace with an energy efficient gas furnace?

Family ComfortablePearce Heating & A/C, Inc. recognizes all eastside families have different needs, budgets and comfort levels, which is why we offer a variety of Bryant energy efficient furnaces.

Whether precise temperature control, quiet operation or efficiency on a budget is what you want, we will find the furnace right for your situation.

Bryant offers 3 levels of products

Evolution System - Delivers the highest levels of energy efficiency and comfort through precise control of temperature, humidity, and fan speed.

Preferred Series - Offers reliable comfort that is better than or equivalent to other manufacturers' top-of-the-line offerings.

Legacy Line - Provides good value while still offering choices in energy efficiency and comfort control.

What is the AFUE rating?

The AFUE rating of a furnace pertains to how efficiently it operates.

A furnace with a 95% AFUE rating means that for every $1 spent on heating costs, $0.95 goes toward heating our house.

It's easy to see that buying a more efficient furnace will save you money over the lifetime of the furnace.

Furnace Warranty

All Bryant furnaces have a 10-year parts limited warranty upon registration. Contact Pearce Heating today.

Legacy line 90%+ Gas Furnaces

Legacy Gas Furnace

High efficiency meets value

Single stage

With AFUE rating up to 95% or 92.1%, this line of furnaces give you quality, durability and comfort at a price everyone can afford.

Preferred series 90%+ Gas Furnaces

Gas FurnaceEnjoy comfort and savings

Variable and multi-speed

With AFUE ratings from 92.1% to 96.5%, consistent airflow reduces hot and cold spots while offering summer humidity control capabilities.

Evolution 90%+ Gas Furnaces

Gas FurnaceUltimate in comfort and efficiency

Variable speed

With AFUE ratings up to 98.3% or 96.5%, these models eliminate temperature swings, offer humidity control and quiet performance.

Legacy 80% Gas Furnaces

Legacy Gas FurnaceDependable heating

Single stage

This 80% AFUE-rated gas furnace delivers reliable performance and economical comfort for those on a budget.

Preferred series 80% Gas Furnaces

Gas FurnaceSmart choice for heating

Variable and multi-speed

AFUE rated at 80%, these models minimize temperature swings while maximizing savings and you’ll love their quiet performance.

Evolution 80% Gas Furnace

FurnaceEnergy-wise comfort

Variable speed

With an AFUE rating of up to 80%, its quiet performance delivers cozy and consistent comfort with a simplified system control.

I called and within 24 hours Brian was able to send someone out to repair my furnace and get my house warm in the midst of our cold snap! We did end up needing to replace it, but at least I did not freeze in the meantime.

- Cyndi B.