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The right lighting is about more than just visibility — it can also help set the right mood, enhance safety, and add value to your property. When you need a lighting upgrade, Pearce Heating, A/C & Electrical, Inc. is your premier choice for comprehensive lighting installation services in Redmond, WA. Whether you’re looking for recessed lighting installation to create a subtle ambiance or robust outdoor security lighting for peace of mind, our team has the expertise to illuminate your space exactly how you envision it.

Our range of services includes everything from sleek pendant lighting installation to extensive landscape lighting installation, ensuring both the interior and exterior of your home shine in the best light. LED outdoor lighting and outdoor patio lighting are just a few examples of how we can transform your outdoor living areas into more functional, stylish spaces.

Don’t trust just anyone with your lighting needs in Redmond, WA! Rely on the experts at Pearce Heating, A/C & Electrical, Inc. for the service you can count on. Contact us today at 833-223-4079 to schedule a lighting installation.

Signs That Lighting Installation Is Needed

Understanding when to update or install new lighting can transform your space and energy efficiency. Here are common signs indicating it’s time for lighting installation:

  • Dim or Flickering Lights: If your indoor lights dim or flicker, it might be time for an upgrade to more reliable fixtures.
  • Outdated Fixtures: Styles evolve, and outdated fixtures can dampen a room’s appeal. Services such as modern pendant lighting installation can rejuvenate your space.
  • Inadequate Outdoor Lighting: Poorly lit exteriors or patios suggest the need for exterior lighting installation or outdoor patio lighting.
  • High Energy Bills: Old lighting can be inefficient. Switching to LED outdoor lighting can reduce costs and provide improved visibility.

If these signs are familiar in your home or business, consider contacting Pearce Heating, A/C & Electrical, Inc. for professional lighting installation services in Redmond, WA. We can assess your needs and provide efficient, attractive lighting solutions.

Why Choose Our Lighting Installation Services?
Enhanced Aesthetics and Functionality

Lighting upgrades and installations keep your home or business looking modern and functional. With each service, professionals can introduce the latest in lighting trends, like recessed lighting or LED outdoor lighting, enhancing the ambiance and usability of your spaces.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

We can replace outdated fixtures with energy-efficient models during regular services, reducing your energy bills. Implementing LED outdoor lighting or efficient indoor solutions significantly cuts down on energy consumption.

Preventing Future Problems

Updating your lighting systems helps avoid the deterioration that leads to safety hazards or costly repairs. Our team can spot early signs of wiring issues or fixture failures, addressing them before they become major problems. This proactive approach ensures longevity and safety in your lighting infrastructure.

Why Professional Lighting Installation Is Recommended

While you may be tempted to take a DIY approach and install your lighting yourself, this is never a good idea. Unless you’re an electrician, handling any electrical task is just asking for trouble. Here are just a few reasons you need to hire a professional for your lighting installation:

  • Safety Assurance: Professionals understand the complexities of electrical systems, significantly reducing the risk of accidents, electrical fires, or damage to your property. We ensure all installations meet safety codes and standards.
  • Quality Workmanship: With years of experience, professionals deliver high-quality installations, ensuring that every light fixture functions optimally and enhances the space’s aesthetic. We can also handle a variety of lighting types, from recessed lighting to intricate outdoor security lighting.
  • Warranty and Support: Professional installations often come with warranties, guaranteeing the longevity and performance of your lighting. Additionally, should any issues arise, you have the support and resources to resolve them quickly.
  • Avoiding Common DIY Pitfalls: DIY or unprofessional installations can lead to numerous problems, including improper wiring, poor light placement, or even violations of building codes. These mistakes not only lead to additional costs but can also compromise the safety and functionality of your lighting system.
Choose Pearce Heating, A/C & Electrical, Inc. for Lighting Installation in Redmond, WA

Pearce Heating, A/C & Electrical, Inc. is your trusted partner for all indoor and outdoor lighting installation needs in Redmond, WA. Our team specializes in a wide array of lighting services, including recessed lighting installation, pendant lighting installation, and comprehensive exterior lighting installation. Whether you’re looking to enhance the ambiance of your indoor spaces or illuminate your outdoor areas with landscape lighting installation or LED outdoor lighting, we have the expertise and quality service you need. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction ensures that each lighting installation project is executed with precision and care.

Don’t wait to brighten up your home or business — let us transform your space with the perfect lighting solution that matches your style and needs! Reach out online or call Pearce Heating, A/C & Electrical, Inc. today at 833-223-4079 to schedule an appointment.


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David L.


Definitely recommend these folks! They were very knowledgeable, never pushy or salesy and very informative. I will be using them again in the future.

Lil K.


We were happy with the install and servicing of Pearce Heating.

Dan H.


These guys went above and beyond to fix our furnace a year ago. Claire even told us it may only last another year. Sure enough, the furnace went out a year later and Claire came out same day with a competitive quote on a much higher quality furnace. They had it installed the very next day. Honest, accountable and competitive. Highly recommend these guys!

Nancy H.


Pearce company did an amazing job replacing our furnace. They had wonderful communication and let us know when they were coming and going. I highly recommend them if you have heating or A/C repairs or replacement needed!

Sheila G.

Redmond Trilogy

Brian installed our new air conditioner. The whole experience was excellent, he is knowledgeable, responsive and customer oriented. Highly recommend.

Angela P.

Redmond Trilogy

I have had issues with my relatively new heater and air conditioner – neither originally installed by Pearce. Upon running into problems I called on them. I have worked with Clair and Brian extensively. Their professionalism, customer care, skill, expertise, and work ethics are EXCELLENT. Clair’s patience and determination to get to the root cause are super and demonstrate commitment to high quality customer care. I will ALWAYS be their customer and I highly recommend their services!

David S.

Redmond Trilogy

I am very pleased with their attention to my heating system and the work that they do to keeping my system operating optimally.

Susan C.

Bellevue Yarrow Point

I’m very impressed with Pearce, both for install and maintenance. I highly recommend! Clair is fantastic for maintenance and emergency visits.

Tessa H.


Very thorough work, friendly, and informative!

Blake P.


Great service as always!

Karl S.


They have done the last two furnace replacements for me, no issues, prompt and friendly! These are my “go to” guys and have recommended them to others.

Cathy P.

Redmond Trilogy

I would definitely recommend Pearce Heating. They are very knowledgeable regarding our furnace. We have used Pearce for the last fifteen years for either a service or a cleaning check-up. They are friendly and courteous. Never pushy.

Sai T.


I highly recommend Pearce heating. Great professionalism and quick to respond.

Catherine B.


Excellent service from this company. They came out and did the work as requested and did not to try to upsell me. They explained several things about my furnace that I didn’t know. I will definitely use them again.

Monie S.

Redmond Trilogy

Wow! This company could teach customer service skills and professionalism to several companies in this area. Brian and Bill are top drawer! They are the BEST in the area.

Diane C.

Redmond Trilogy

Pearce Heating is the one and only company I will call for my heating and air conditioning needs. Brian Pearce has a terrific reputation in my community that is without equal. I have a yearly maintenance check of my A/C and heating. Thank you Pearce Heating!!

Jon D.


Replacement of furnace and installation of a new ac unit. Extremely pleased with the recommended product and the installation. Very high quality team. Will use again.

Georgia F.

Redmond U. Hill

We called on an emergency and they came out the same day, replaced the heater and handled all of the paperwork – warranty, permit, inspections. The tech was very professional and the office staff communicated well. Can’t recommend them enough.

Vickie L.


Brian came out and gave us a bid for a new furnace and air conditioning. He was very professional and thorough.His staff also was very helpful in the process. I will highly recommend him to our friends.

Michael N.

Redmond Trilogy

Always such a great experience. They are willing to spend time answering questions even if they are just doing an annual preventative visit. They have suggested adjustments to the system to make it run quieter and more efficiently. Highly recommend!

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